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  • Lindsay P. South

How Hiking Saved Me from Postpartum PTSD

I had my first panic attack the morning I dropped my 10-month-old son off at day care for the first time. I wasn’t worried about him starting school; in fact, I was excited to finally have a quiet house and the space I needed to run my business. But my body had a different idea.

Huddled against the steering wheel of my gray Honda CRV, I shook and hyperventilated. I sobbed in a way I never had before, like I was breaking into a million pieces. Images flashed across my vision: The ultrasound picture showing a baby without a heartbeat. The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) team huddled around my newborn son. Me, alone in a hospital room without my baby.

At the time, four years ago, I had no idea...

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