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  • Lindsay P. South

Coping With Loss During the Holidays

Changes that affect our family lives are keenly felt at the holiday season. The loss of a child suddenly is present as the family Christmas card photo is sent; the child who is laughing and clowning around in the middle of picture surrounded by all his cousins is no longer there. A divorced father faces Hanukah without his children for the first time. A newly formed, blended family or young, married couple faces a sudden burst of tension as two family sets of traditions collide; which rituals do we keep and what do we need to create anew? A child suddenly bursts into tears as Christmas cookies are made and she remembers her grandmother who always baked them with her and who is now in a nursing home. Her mother is surprised and slightly upset because she made a special effort to bake the cookies with her daughter. Isn’t this good enough?

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